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Asparagus soup

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  • 30 minutes
  1. 2 kg green asparagus
  2. 250 g floury potatoes
  3. 7 shallots
  4. 350 ml white wine
  5. 2 L vegetable broth
  6. 50 g flour
  7. 100 ml water
  8. 300 ml cream
  9. salt, pepper

1. Clean asparagus, peel lower third and cut into small pieces. Clean potatoes and cut into cubes. Peel shallots and chop finely in the Quick Cut.

2. Take the chopped shallots in GourmetLine, cover with lid, place on Navigenio and set it at level 6. Switch on Audiotherm, fit it on Visiotherm and turn it until the roasting symbol appears.

3. As soon as the Audiotherm beeps on reaching the roasting window, set Navigenio at level 2 and roast shallots. Add asparagus and potato pieces and roast together.

4. Deglaze with white wine and add vegetable stock. Set Navigenio at "A", enter approx. 15 minutes cooking time in the Audiotherm and cook in the vegetable area.

5. At the end of the cooking time, purée the soup. Mix flour with water, add to the soup and bring to the boil again. Mix in cream at the end, season with salt and pepper and mix with the blender until creamy.


  • Sprinkle the soup with a few roasted almond flakes.

This recipe has been tested and approved by AMC.

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