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Mi Goreng Mamak (Indian Style Fried Noodle)

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  • 20 minutes
  1. 2 ts sesame oil
  2. 2 tbs chili sauce
  3. 2 tbs tomato sauce (canned)
  4. 1 tbs soy sauce
  5. 1 tbs curry powder
  6. 2 tbs oyster sauce
  7. 100 g potatoes
  8. 250 g noodles
  9. 2 tomatoes
  10. 150 g Chinese white cabbage
  11. 150 g fishcake
  12. 100 g bean sprouts
  13. 10 g fried shallot
  14. 10 g spring onions
  15. 2 g green chili pepper
  16. 1/2 piece lime

1. Dice your garlic and onions using Quick Cut.

2. Cut potatoes and tomatoes into small cubes.

3. Shredded fish cake and keep aside.

4. Mix sesame oil, chili sauce, tomato sauce, soy sauce, curry powder and oyster sauce for seasoning.


5. Put potatoes, yellow noodles, tomatoes, cabbage and fish cake in HotPan Prime. Dizzle seasoning over it and close with the lid.

6. Place the HotPan on Navigenio and set it at "A", switch on Audiotherm, enter approx. 4 minutes cooking time in the Audiotherm, fit it on Visiotherm and turn it until the vegetable symbol appears.

7. At the end of cooking time, stir and add the beansprouts and cabbage leaves. Close the lid again.

8. Set Navigenio at "A" again, enter approx. 1 minutes cooking time in Audiotherm and cook in vegetable area.

9. At the end of cooking time, stir well and garnish with fried shallots, spring onions together with green chilies.

10. Serve hot noodles drizzled with lime juice.

This recipe has been tested and approved by AMC.

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