Oval Grill

Portable BBQ all year around

Perfect for barbecue lovers and everyone who wants to become one.

Why enjoy barbecueing only in summer when you can barbecue all year round?! Indoors or outdoors, at home or at a camping ground: It's up to you! Prepare simple and delicious BBQ hits and get to know new flavours by trying out many delicious recipes. Enjoy eating with your family and friends and celebrate the moment!

AMC Oval Grill

Check out the Oval Grill`s special features

Oval shape

The oval shape offers a large roasting surface. Its unique capsule base guarantees optimal heat distribution and the flat rim allows easy food flipping. The Oval Grill stands for pure roasting pleasure and can be used with the Navigenio!

Pyramid structure base

The base of the Oval Grill has a pyramid structure with a satin finish that leaves a fine and unmistakable grill pattern on the meat.

BBQ with the Navigenio

The Akkutherm capsule base guarantees an even heat distribution. That`s why the Oval Grill is perfectly suited for the Navigenio – even though its surface extends beyond the Navigenio`s hot plate. Various heat zones are created that guarantee tasty barbecue results.

Optimal temperature control

Thanks to temperature-controlled roasting and cooking, you always get the best cooking results. With the high-dome lid, even large food can be easily prepared at once – for example spare ribs or an entire chicken.

AMC Oval Grill
AMC Oval Grill
Grilling without the addition of fat

Enjoy tasty and healthy dishes with less calories, and more taste.

Healthy grilling for indoors and outdoors

The Oval Grill allows you to prepare delicious barbecue meals without harmful substances that might form when using coal.

AMC Oval Grill

Oval Grill and Navigenio: The perfect combination

The Oval Grill is a perfect addition for the AMC product family. It can be used with the Navigenio and all types of stoves (e.g. induction, gas, etc.).
When placed in the inverted high-dome lid the Oval Grill can be placed directly on the table – a practical and decorative way to serve the food. The oval shape offers a large roasting surface - perfect for enjoying a barbecue party with many guests. And when the party is over cleaning is all the more quick and effortless – the Oval Grill can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand with AMC Clean1.

AMC Oval Grill Enlace a las opciones de lavado

Your certainty of success

Tasty food and easy preparation

The Oval Grill is particularly easy to handle and is ideal for small or large and voluminous quantities, e.g. longer and higher pieces of meat such as spare ribs or a whole chicken. It is also ideal for large roasts, whole fish, skewers, vegetables and corncobs. There are no limits to your creativity! You could even bake a nice cake with it. Experience incredibly tasty barbecue results. The food can be easily flipped and gets a nice grill pattern. Be inspired by our recipes:

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