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Strawberry chocolate sandwich

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  • 12 minutes
  1. 4 slices toast
  2. 1 tbs nutella
  3. 50 g strawberries
  4. 2 mint leaves

1. Overview of ingredients.

2. Spread two slices of toast with Nutella. Clean strawberries, cut into thin slices and spread over the toast slices. Cut the mint leaves into strips and pour over them.

3. Cover with the remaining two slices of toast, squeeze a little.

4. Heat oPan on Navigenio at highest level until the perfect roasting temperature has been reached.

5. Set at low level and put toast in oPan. As soon as the toast dissolves, turn and cook from the other side.


  • Use toast bread with a wholemeal portion, which tastes nuttier and scores with valuable fibre.

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Cooking method

Open roasting

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