Salami pizza
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Salami pizza

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  • 30 minutes
  1. 500 g pizza dough (store-bought or home-made)
  2. 100 g salami, in thin slices
  3. 250 g flavorful tomato sauce for pizza (home-made or store-bought)
  4. 150 g grated cheese
  5. pepper

1. Cut salami into thin slices. Divide the pizza dough into four portions and roll out to round bases with a diameter of about 22 cm each.

2. Place the pot on the Navigenio and heat on level 6 until the roasting window is reached.

3. Place the first pastry base in the pot, spread 1/4 of the tomato sauce on it and then spread 1/4 of each of the remaining ingredients on top as well. Sprinkle cheese on last.

4. Place the pot in an inverted lid, place the Navigenio overhead and switch to the large level, then bake for approx. 2 minutes.

5. Remove pizza and return pot on level 6 on the Navigenio. Place the next dough base inside, add toppings in the same way and bake as described in points 3 and 4. When arranging toppings, always return pot on level 6 on the Navigenio. Extend the baking time a bit if necessary.

6. Before serving, season pizza with pepper.


  • When it comes to pizza, there are lots of ways to add a little variety, of course. Every person can make their own favorite pizza. Just make sure that vegetables in particular are cut into small enough pieces to cook through during the brief time in the oven.
  • The pizza will be easier to remove from the pot and the pot will stay cleaner if a circle of baking paper is used. To do this, simply cut out a circle of baking paper with the help of a 24 cm lid, put it in the pot after heating and put dough on it.
  • If you want to make the dough yourself, then the basic recipe for pizza dough is the perfect choice. Make sure that it is not too soft and moist.

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