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Seasoned stew with chicken

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  • 1h 15 minutes
  1. 4 chicken thighs (approx. 180 g each)
  2. 6 twigs thyme
  3. 2 organic orange
  4. 5 tbs olive oil
  5. 1 tbs hot mustard
  6. salt, pepper
  7. 2 cloves of garlic
  8. 500 g fennel bulb
  9. 500 g waxy potatoes
  10. 2 onions
  11. 50 g currants
  12. 50 ml chicken broth
  13. 2 tbs liquid honey
  14. 20 ml anisette (e.g. Pernod)

1. Remove the chicken thigh from the refrigerator about 30 minutes before you intend to prepare it.

2. Remove the thyme leaves from the stems, set aside some for garnishing, finely chop the rest. Wash the orange in hot water, finely zest the peel of both oranges and squeeze out the juice.

3. Mix the olive oil and mustard with half of the orange peel and chopped thyme, season with salt and pepper.

4. Dap the chicken thighs dry with paper towel and rub with a little marinade. Peel and finely cut the garlic, clean the fennel, thoroughly wash the potatoes, peel the onions and dice everything. Mix the vegetables with the rest of the marinade.

5. Place the pot on the Navigenio and heat on level 6 up to the roasting window, switch to level 3 and place the chicken thighs in the pot with the skin facing up. Cook until the turning point is reached. Remove the chicken thighs from the pot.

6. Add the vegetable mixture to the pot and roast, stirring occasionally.

7. Add currants and chicken broth, place the chicken thighs on top with the skin facing up. Heat the pot on level 6 up to the vegetable window, switch to level 3 and cook for approx. 20 minutes in the vegetable area.

8. Put the pot in the inverted lid. Drizzle honey on the chicken thighs and season with salt and pepper. Place the Navigenio overhead and turn to low level, then gratinate for approx. 25 minutes until golden brown. If necessary, change the position of the chicken thighs on an occasional basis.

9. Remove the chicken thighs and keep them warm, add the orange juice and anisette to the vegetables and bring to a boil. Season the vegetables to taste, plate the chicken thighs and sprinkle with the rest of the thyme and orange peel.


  • The fine green fennel leaves are excellent for garnishing – sprinkle some finely chopped fennel leaves over the dish instead of thyme.

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