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Crêpes Suzette

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  • 30 minutes
  1. 100 g flour
  2. 1 pinch salt
  3. 200 ml milk
  4. 2 eggs
  1. 2 organic orange
  2. 2 tbs sugar
  3. 2 tbs orange liqueur
  4. 2 tbs rum
  5. powdered sugar for garnishing

1. Mix all ingredients into a thin batter and let rest for 30 minutes.

2. Heat the pan on highest level up until the perfect temperature for roasting is reached.

3. Switch to a low level, pour enough batter for one crepe into the pan and spread it around evenly.

4. As soon as the batter firms up, turn over and roast until done. Roast the next crepes in the same way.


5. Use a peeler to thinly remove some orange peel and squeeze out the juice of one orange. Segment the other oranges into slices.

6. Put the orange juice and zest with sugar in the pan and reduce to half on a medium level until it is syrupy in consistency.

7. Fold the crepes in quarters, place in the pan, pour rum and orange liqueur on top, and flambé to taste.

8. Plate with orange slices and serve immediately with the powdered sugar sprinkled over top.

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Open roasting

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