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Bread -

I bought my pots in 1980 when the lids had a plain black top for a handle, no fuss.  I soon learned to judge the right temp by feel and when the lid started to spin.  Then I got a couple with the little windows in the tops, Visiotherm I think they were called.  Not great as they soon fogged up and I didn't pay attention to where the needle was anyway.  The lids spin in the same way.  Now the new products look very fancy indeed, and probably too technical for my brain.

When I got them I was told that I could bake bread in a pot on the stovetop but never tried it.  Now I'm into baking bread and would like to know how to do this.  I've been using yeast in a very easy recipe and baking in the oven, and now I'm venturing into sourdough.  I'd love to bake bread in a pot.  It seems sourdough needs steam so perhaps some water would need to be added.  Any suggestions or tips?

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Dear Greta,

we have some bread recipes here in our community that you could try. 

Please note that our community recipes were created and written for a newer product generation so you will have to try if they also work for your products.

Also, please note that we put the Navigenio mobile hotplate on top of the pot when baking bread, pizza, cakes, etc. in order to heat the dough from the bottom and the top. In order to bake bread in an AMC pot you also need to have an AMC mobile hotplate.

I hope we were able to help you.
Have a nice day!