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Dumplings with vanilla sauce

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Vanilla sauce:
  1. 1 vanilla bean
  2. 20 g cornstarch
  3. 50 g sugar
  4. 300 ml milk
  5. 250 ml cream
  6. 3 egg yolk
  7. 50 g white chocolate
Yeast dumplings:
  1. 250 ml milk
  2. 1 cube fresh yeast
  3. 500 g flour
  4. 50 g sugar
  5. 1 organic lemon
  6. 100 g softened butter
  7. 2 egg
  8. 2 egg yolk
  9. flour for handling
  10. 100 g damson jam
  11. butter for greasing
  12. 20 ml rum
  13. 50 g powdered sugar
  14. 50 g poppy seeds
Vanilla sauce:

1. Mix the pulp of the vanilla bean in a milkpot, with cornstarch, sugar, milk and cream.

2. Place the milkpot on the hob, turn on highest level up and bring to the boil, stirring constantly. Remove the sauce from the hob, stir in the egg yolks and melt the chocolate in the sauce while stirring. Keep the sauce warm, stirring occasionally.

Yeast dumplings:

3. Mix the milk with the crumbled yeast, a tablespoon of flour and a teaspoon of sugar and cover and let rest in a warm place for approx. 30 minutes until the volume has almost doubled.

4. Wash the lemon with hot water and rub off the peel. Knead the pre-dough with the remaining flour, sugar, 50 g butter, lemon peel, eggs and egg yolks to form a smooth dough.

5. Cover and let the dough rise again in a warm location for approx. 30 minutes.

6. Roll out the yeast dough thickly on a lightly floured work surface, cut into eight pieces, and spread a little damson jam in the middle of each piece. Wet the edges with a little water, pull up the edges of the dough around the stuffing and seal them, forming a dumpling.

7. Grease the steam insert of the Wok. Put 150 ml of water and the rum in a Wok, insert the steam insert and place yeast dumplings on top.

8. Heat the Wok on highest level up to the vegetable window, switch to a low level and cook for approx. 20 minutes in the vegetable area.

9. Mix the powdered sugar and poppy seeds and put the remaining butter in a small pot. Turn the hob on to the highest level, as soon as the butter begins to melt turn the low level and brown while stirring.

10. Plate the cooked yeast dumplings with vanilla sauce and sprinkle with the poppyseed mixture. The yeast dumplings are best served immediately.

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