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Deep-fried rice balls

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  • 1h
  1. 1 onion
  2. 1 garlic clove
  3. 1 carrot
  4. 1 stick stalk celery
  5. 150 g minced meat
  6. 3 tbs tomato puree
  7. 150 ml white wine dry
Rice balls:
  1. 250 g risotto rice
  2. 500 ml vegetable broth
  3. 1 pinch dried saffron
  4. 50 g parmesan cheese
  5. 100 g rice flour
  6. 100 g bread crumbs
  7. 800 ml oil for deep-frying
  8. leaf lettuce and edible blossoms for dressing
  9. some spicy sauce as desired

1. Peel onions, garlic and carrots. Clean cellery. Finely chop everything in Quick Cut.

2. Place HotPan on Navigenio and set it at level 6. Switch on Audiotherm, fit it on Visiotherm and turn it until the roasting symbol appears.

3. As soon as the Audiotherm beeps on reaching the roasting window, set at level 2 and roast minced meat. Add the vegetable cubes and roast with the meat.

4. Stir in the tomato puree and deglaze with the white wine.

5. Close with the lid, set Navigenio at level 6, switch on Audiotherm, enter approx. 10 minutes cooking time in the Audiotherm, fit on Visiotherm and turn it until the vegetable symbol appears.

6. As soon as the Audiotherm beeps on reaching the vegetable window, set at level 2 and cook until done. Remove the lid and boil open until the liquid has completely evaporated. Allow the filling to cool.

Rice balls

7. Mix risotto rice with vegetable broth and saffron in a pot and close with the Secuquick softline. Set Navigenio at "A". Enter the time setting "P" in the Audiotherm, fit it on Visiotherm and turn until the soft symbol appears. At the end of the cooking time, place Secuquick into the inverted lid and leave it to depressurise by itself.

8. Remove the Secuquick, stir in the Parmesan cheese and let the risotto cool lukewarm.

9. Place one sixth of the risotto on the palm of your hand, press flat and place one sixth of the filling on top, carefully wrap the rice and roll into a ball.

10. Mix rice flour with approx. 200 ml water smoothly. First put the rice balls in the rice dough and then roll in breadcrumbs.

11. Pour oil into the large HotPan, cover with the lid and place pot on Navigenio. Set Navigenio at level 6 and heat up until the roasting window appears with the help of Audiotherm.

12. As soon as the Audiotherm beeps on reaching the roasting window, set at level 3, pour the rice balls into the oil and cover with the lid. Deep-fry with the help of the Audiotherm until the turning point at 90 °C is reached. Turn the balls over and deep-fry until they are golden brown, remove them and let them drip off on kitchen paper.

13. Serve with salad and blossoms on plates and garnish with a little sauce as desired.


  • Professional tip: With the help of Visiotherm and Audiotherm, the deep-frying oil can be heated very easily to exactly the right deep-frying temperature: As soon as the Audiotherm beeps, the deep-fried food is added to the oil and the Navigenio can be set at level 2.

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