Super steaming quickly & flexibly with perfect temperature control. Experience true taste!


1 lid compatible with 2 different pot diameters: 20 and 24 cm


Never above 100°C, but always in the optimum temperature zone between 97 and 99°C


Up to 50 % time savings


Gentle preparation guarantees maximum flavour and respects each ingredient’s natural taste.


Super steaming quickly & flexibly with perfect temperature control

Experience true taste!


The lid can be opened and closed at any time for seasoning or tasting.


2 cooking programmes - roasting without adding fat & super steaming

Economical cooking

Faster preparation saves energy and is therefore also kind to your finances.

Perfect temperature and time control

Cooking with the combination of EasyQuick, Navigenio and Audiotherm to assist you during the entire cooking time

Cooking with the EasyQuick

Take full advantage of the EasyQuick and start cooking automatically. All you need is the Navigenio and Audiotherm, which establish a radio connection and automatically control the temperature inside the pot, ensuring your food never leaves the optimal super steaming range from 97 to 99°C, while making sure it is cooked quickly, yet gently. On the Visiotherm (lid knob) you will see two symbols, which correspond to the two cooking methods you can choose from:

Why do we suggest automatic cooking with the EasyQuick?

With AMC, the optimum super steaming zone is very precise: 97-99°C. During manual cooking, meaning without the Navigenio, you constantly have to check the temperature to adjust it manually. When cooking in Automatic mode with the Navigenio and Audiotherm, this happens by itself and you will only be alerted when the cooking time is up and your food is ready.


On the Visiotherm (knob) you see two symbols according to the cooking method you have to choose:

    1. Place the pot on the Navigenio.
    2. Set Navigenio to level 6.
    3. Close the pot with the EasyQuick (appropriate sealing ring inserted).
    4. Switch on Audiotherm, place it on Visiotherm and turn until the roasting symbol appears.
    5. As soon as the Audiotherm beeps on reaching the roasting window, place the meat in the pot and roast it.
    6. Then continue with the steaming (steaming window) in self-controlled mode according to your recipe...
    Our recipe inspirations
    1. Place the pot on the Navigenio.
    2. Add some water (100 - 150 ml depending on pot diameter) to the pot.
    3. Fill the Softiera insert with the ingredients and place it in the pot.
    4. Set Navigenio to “A”.
    5. Close the pot with the EasyQuick (appropriate sealing ring has been inserted)
    6. Switch on Audiotherm and enter the cooking time.
    7. Fit Audiotherm on Visiotherm and turn until the super steam symbol appears.
    8. When the Automatic symbol appears on the top right of the Audiotherm display and also on the Navigenio, you know that the radio connection and thus the self-controlled cooking process is running.
    9. At the end of cooking time Audiotherm beeps. Switch off Navigenio.
    Our recipe inspirations
Why self-controlled cooking with the EasyQuick?

The optimum super steaming range is very precise, from 97-99 °C.

If you cook manually, means without Navigenio, you must also check and adjust the temperature manually.

When you cook with Navigenio and Audiotherm in self-controlled mode, it happens on its own and you are only called when the cooking time has expired and the meal is ready.

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